Our Services

Web Application Development — Information management typically requires a user interface. We concentrate on developing web applications that communicate with databases. Web-based applications allow customers, employees and vendors to securely access your data regardless of geographic location. We create data entry/editing forms, import/extract utilities, and reporting tools to meet your specific requirements.

Database Development — We have extensive experience designing, programming, and maintaining Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases. Database programming is a primary component of our web-based development. Increased security and performance are realized when business logic is contained within SQL Server and Oracle databases.

Data Migration Services — We provide a wide variety of data migration services for virtually any data source/destination:

  • SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • XML - including XML/XSLT Transformations
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Excel
  • CSV
  • Text Files
  • JSON

Requirements Analysis and Design — We pride ourselves on developing cost-effective, robust solutions for projects of all sizes. Our experience with many industries becomes a valuable asset when working with you to develop a solution. Every analysis starts with us acquiring a complete understanding of your needs. We will offer additional solutions that make sense. However, we are not afraid to recommend the removal of unnecessary requirements and specifications to save you time and money.